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Banks based on irresponsible

Banks based on irresponsible lending practices are falling apart and politicians who had always maintained a state of control and corruption over the masses are being revealed to the light of day. The superpower that exists today i. But this collection is more energetically eclectic than that. This electromagnetic field protects the Earth from incoming solar fluxes and, on a metaphysical level i. Because of this, many people including myself have turned to tools and guidance in their awakening process.

Instead, even according to the Mayans themselves, this point in time merely reveals an important shift in planetary consciousness toward an awakening of truth. If we choose to take it, this time is offering us a chance to step into our truth both individually and collectively. It is only through this process of facing untruths that we are given the opportunity to see the real truth. Not exactly minor happenstance.

Think of it as a graduation for the Earth and as something that deserves to be celebrated, not feared. Our solar system crosses this electromagnetic null-zone twice within every complete revolution around the center of our galaxy. As the truth unveils itself into our awareness, all untruths are passing away and we are finding ourselves having to see things for what they actually are for the first time.

It will help give them a broader audience and spark important cross-cultural debate. But this thinking doesn't take into account how a shift in reality changes the playing field.

The superpower that exists

In addition to the rarity of the alignment of our solar system with the galactic center, Earth itself is also completing its precession cycle. With damage to our protective field, illness results.