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For instance let's look

They'll never provide the full picture behind the story, much like that pound weight loss tale. For instance, let's look at a magazine subscription on the iPad. Acquia Commerce Manager launches today for Magento Commerce. It will remake the balance of power in copyright law in the European Union.

Many publishers, brands, and agencies work with multiple solution-providers, which gets pricy, frustrating and even confusing. Shoppers have their credit cards ready to score the best deals, and Amazon merchants are poised to rake in the cash. Their laundry list of grievances includes sizable data discrepancies between solution-providers, outlandish pricing, and network infrastructure shortcomings.

Personalization is an excellent way for luxury e-commerce merchants to boost their business. All of these problems are solvable.

They'll never provide the full

How ironic that legacy media, with deep traditional journalism chops, exposed social channels that generally have been commoditizing news. That is why it's essential for serious e-commerce store owners to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. They may even cite a specific case study from a publisher who achieved these miraculous results. They require solution-providers to stop pouring money into marketing activities and instead invest in their product. In fact, some point to the proliferation of apps and tablets as the revenue jumpstart many publishers so desperately need.