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Classroom Voices on Education and Race by Daniel Frio download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Several frameworks will be utilized in this book to assist readers in better understanding ideas, concepts, and practices. Specifically, a social justice framework, critical race theory, and White privilege are used to better explore the featured topics. Written by college instructors from many disciplines, this volume of essays takes a bold first step toward a nationwide conversation.

Overall the book provides information to assist students and faculty of color with survival skills in complex environments. Both quantitative and qualitative e.

In particular theyEducators must listen to the voices

Educators must listen to the voices from their classrooms in order to better participate in the lives and education of their students. In particular, they speak to the persistence of racial stereotypes and segregation. And, they expose a hidden curriculum that contradicts the learning expectations of formal education.

Current students speak out against an increasingly complex and demanding world in which standardized testing serves to detach students from their learning and from their peers.