Christmas Hits

The Top Christmas Songs

Charted again in December peaking at No. English lyrics by Fred Jay.

The song has been a holiday favorite ever since. It is often considered the top British working-class Christmas song. It was reportedly inspired by a near-death experience of the author of the lyrics, William Chatterton Dix.

The Top Christmas Songs

It is the title cut of Bette Midler's holiday album. Country singer Joe Diffie has had some of his greatest success recording novelty songs. From the film adaptation of The Snowman. Pop star Kylie Minogue shows off the sex appeal of the song in her version. Christina Aguilera turned in a soulful version for David Letterman with Dr.

This version is from an Osmond family Christmas special in the late s. Christmas and holiday songs are an indispensable part of pop music.

The Chipmunks have become durable pop culture characters, even performing in their own movies. Written by Noddy Holder and Jim Lea. Andy Abraham featuring Michael Underwood.

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Christmas Hits

Perry Como released his version of the song that year, and it has become an evergreen classic. These are of the top Christmas songs of all time, including details and links to pop performance videos. The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl.

The song was later translated into English and sung by both sides in the World War I Christmas truce due to the fact it was the primary Christmas carol that both German and British soldiers knew. It is a winter love song that is associated with Christmas although the lyrics never mention the holiday. Recorded for the film Love Actually. Those experiments ultimately led to the creation of the Chipmunks, whose voices were speeded up humans. Unfortunately, it was prevented from hitting No.

Digital download track which peaked at No. This version and a Jeff Buckley version occupied the top two spots on the Christmas Day chart.

The Top 100 Christmas Songs

Michael Bolton performed his version at Placido Domingo's Christmas celebration concert in Vienna. The recording featured a who's who of current British pop stars. Stephen's Day Sol Invictus Yule. The Movie released the same year.

The Top 100 Christmas Songs

Saint Etienne co-starring Tim Burgess. Written by Greg Lake and Peter Sinfield. Written by Jester Hairston.

Bill Lamb is a music and arts writer with two decades of experience covering the world of entertainment and culture. The previous entry combined with a new song written by Frank Farian and Fred Jay.

It features an increasingly more grand set of gifts with each successive day of Christmas. In the late s Chuck Berry recorded his own song about Rudolph the reindeer.

Contemporary technology made possible this duet with country star Martina McBride. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Guinness World Records Limited. The list is an admittedly subjective one.

It has since become a holiday classic. Karen Carpenter's voice fits the melancholy nature of the lyrics perfectly. Please enjoy comparing with your own favorites. It has become a radio Christmas standard. Later recorded by Aled Jones in peaking at No.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood. The Wombles with Roy Wood.

He recorded the song at least three times, but the recording is often considered the best. It was popularized in an arrangement by the Harry Simeone Chorale.

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List of Christmas hit singles in the United Kingdom

It included experiments with speeded-up audio tracks. The song did not actually make any reference to Christmas but its accompanying video depicted the Christmas Day truce between British and German soldiers on the Western front. Written by Walter Afanasieff and Mariah Carey.

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The song is a reflection on the ending of a relationship near Christmastime. It has no Christmas-themed lyrics, ares latest version 2012 although it has a Christmas themed video as well as an alternative video that has no Christmas theme. There seems to be a bit of irony that one of the most popular of all Christmas songs in the United Kingdom would be set in New York. Novelty hit parody of various hits of the year.