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Even if the writing wasn't top notch. It's about Sophie's uncle Jimmy and the horrors he saw in Vietnam, and Jimmy's fellow solder Blue who haunts the family still. Mainly grown as an indoor plant, and mostly in a hanging basket. This trailing houseplant is durable, easy as can be and the care is similar to a fleshy succulent but it shares the same family with another plant I love, the Hoya.

The five petals are a

Feed monthly in spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half. With age it develops a woody caudex at its base.

Not much of any is needed

Not much of any is needed. The five petals are a deeper purple. Propagation is easy from cuttings, best taken in spring. Water sparingly in fall and winter.

Indoors you want to give it very bight light with no direct sun. Just make sure the mix drains really well.

But what's really haunting her is the recent death of her best friend and departure of her boyfriend, which she blames herself for. If indoor air is dry, use one of these easy ways to increase humidity for your houseplant.

Cuttings are a better way to propagate the plant than by trying to divide the tubers, division of the tubers often causes fungal problems and the plant can die. Brown produced a detailed description, naming the plant after its discoverer. They are both considered to be a succulent vine. It may be labeled by its genus and subspecies names, Ceropegia woodii.