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Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett download in iPad, ePub, pdf

There is an Igor who is the servant of the Magpyrs. Granny Weatherwax struggles against the vampirism inside her and thrusts the pain this causes into the iron of the castle forge's anvil. If you are first time Pratchett reader, I would not recommend this book as a starting place because some of the history of the witches is almost required to get full enjoyment out of this story. Still I found this to be an amazingly humorous tale.

Granny is unable to get through the Count's mental defenses, and the Magpyrs feed on her, with the intention of transforming her into a vampire. The Magpyrs find themselves unable to harm Magrat's daughter, or do anything else that Granny herself is unable to do e. Just when it seems all is lost, Granny Weatherwax comes through the front door, soaked to the bone and swaying with exhaustion.

They have made themselves immune to garlic, sunlight, religious symbols, and just about everything else that normally works against Vampires. The witches head home to Lancre.

She is only able to defeat the vampirism after she looks inside herself and faces the darker side of her nature, but the struggle leaves her barely able to stand, let alone defeat the Count. Because of her ability to resist his influence, the Magpyr son, Vlad, is attracted to Agnes and makes many advances on her including trying to convince her to become a vampire.

Sure bad guys arrive and threaten Lancre, and the Witches step up to do battle in their round-about humorous ways. During the party after the ceremony, Verence tells Nanny Ogg and Agnes Nitt that the Count has informed him that the Magpyr family intend to move into Lancre Castle and take over. Agnes becomes a major character in this book and really develops her unique personalities.

The Wee Free Men are entertaining, but hard to read, Igor is an absolute trip. He is a traditionalist who spends his spare time breeding and distributing spiders for the dark corners of the castle.

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