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But this isn't always possible, and sometimes we answer the phone without thinking. That is not a smart phone.

Application should be flagged within play store. So any text you receive on an Android phone reduces your remaining text balance. How to Block Unwanted Phone Calls Many Tracfone users find it even more annoying than the average person when they receive a telemarketing or other unwanted call because it costs airtime.

Call detector

There are a variety of other call blocking apps available on Google Play, but none of them seemed any better than Call Detector. So have a look around if you want to learn more about Tracfone! The Tracfone was bought as emergency back up but they're scamming customers and a class action lawsuit needs to be filed against them. You can set it to where you only get text messages from people in your contacts. The only way to combat this for many users was to try and pay close attention to who was calling, and then simply try to avoid answering it.


If I use call forwarding on my phone will I be using minutes? They offer both cell phones, and prepaid airtime that allows users to pay for only what they plan to use.

When using the balance app does it use much data? There's a setting inside it to turn off text messages from everyone except for your contacts.

The Call Detector App makes it possible to select numbers from your contact list or recent callers and choose to block their number. Does that mean that there is no way for me to block spam calls? Anybody have a idea on how to see who the. They sell your info and they aren't selective.

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Does the Call Detector App Work? We're here to test it and find out, and then share the results with you below.

Unwanted texts are also another way we lose valuable minutes. These calls from Unknown and Restricted are coming several times a day now! That's because the TracFone uses Verizon towers.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. You can learn more about Tracfone by reading our Beginners Guide to Tracfone. Well, yes, it does seem to work well at blocking numbers you choose for it to block.

Call detector app

You can see all the smartphones available from Tracfone, and quickly compare some of the key features from each phone. It did, however block calls. The home screen is simple, and we were able to quickly view either a list of our contacts, or recently received calls and choose from these lists any phone numbers we wanted to block. Even if you answer, then then hang up moments later, it will still deduct minutes form your Tracfone account. We selected a few numbers to block, and then tested the app by using those numbers to call the phone.

As you can tell, I don't know anything about doing this, except that I have a Trafone that I use to make calls with. You can read more about Call Detector, and download it for yourself, on Google Play. It does track both the number of calls blocked and texts, enrique iglesias tired of being sorry mp3 but in our test the text message was not blocked.

Thank you in advance for your help. This way only calls that comes through is somebody from my contact list and not from telemarketers or wrong numbers. And on Android phones, there isn't a way to choose which texts you open and pay for and which you don't.

This is really great if you tend to get a lot of unwanted calls form the same number. If you're interested in what Android phones Tracfone has to offer, take a look at our recently updated List of Tracfone Android phones.

What is the Call Detector App? Block Telemarketing Calls on your Smartphone with Call Detector App Below we review and discuss an app available for Android users that can block unwanted calls. We hope this information is helpful for you! We couldn't quite determine this and will continue to investigate. The program is ok enough to purchase, but if they won't accept the google account, they will force me to try to buy from a different vendor.

Call detectorCall detector

However you could miss a call from someone who's not in your list. If you're tired of getting sales calls, or just want to block a few numbers, Call Detector is a great app for doing that. Will it block text messages or automatically block telemarketers?

With the free version of the app you only have a certain number of numbers you can look up. For those who might not know, Tracfone is a prepaid wireless cell phone company. This vendor will not accept the google card.