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Buster Keaton's Silent Shorts by James L. Neibaur download in iPad, ePub, pdf

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The billiard balls start jumping around, the mechanical wall arm socks a houseguest in the jaw, and Buster, trying to escape, gets his head caught in a pair of sliding doors. Keaton was both a brilliant slapstick comedian and creative pioneer of the visual medium of film. Arbuckle left in to begin a brief career in feature films, leaving Keaton the sole star of the shorts series.

With The Playhouse, Keaton and his cameraman Elgin Lessley advanced the art of photographic effects with their mechanical ingenuity. Minstrel shows were a standard element of s live theater, and blackface performances did not entirely vanish from American entertainment until the s. The comfort of Buster Keaton's short films Buster with his classic melancholy face. They share a sweet moment when Buster catches Sybil drawing interlocking hearts on the wall of the home they are building from a kit.

Keaton and Lessley used the multiple exposures again, most notably in the feature Sherlock, Jr. Buster also finds himself in possession of a trick canoe that breaks into three parts at the most inopportune times. History recounts that he returned the camera the next morning and asked Arbuckle for a job.

Buster and Sybil Seely as cute newlyweds. Buster is smitten and wants to prove himself to her, and runs into trouble. Keaton starred alongside Arbuckle, but learned film direction as well during this period. Comedic film master Buster Keaton was my gateway drug to the ever-expanding universe that is classic film. Buster Keaton was a giant of early cinema comedy, along with Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd.

So if your idea of comfort is taking your mind off your troubles, you could do worse than to settle down and treat yourself to a few doses of Keaton short film hilariousness. Once they had begun, there was no way to correct any miscues or misplaced elements in the frame. All goes well early in the film, but later a series of malfunctions going on in each room simultaneously sends Buster, and the viewer, into a tailspin of hilarity. Unfortunately, the show within the film features Keaton in blackface, a performance that modern audiences find objectionable. Thankfully, restored versions of all his classic features and most of his noteworthy shorts are now available for home viewing.

This does not mean that he backs down from a fight, but that through his exceptional pantomime and emotion-filled eyes, can immediately get you, the viewer, on his side. He went on to make ten more silent features. You often see clips of the escalator-driven staircase with poor Buster being thrown around trying to keep his balance as the mechanism goes out of control. Apparently, he actually did break a leg doing the stair stunts for this film. Circus legend Geoff Hoyle often cites Keaton as an influence on his work.