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Others believe the worst is yet to come. The entire planet is on fire, literally and figuratively. If that neutron star continues to spit out radiation and light, then we call it a pulsar. Once wildfires do occur, as they ultimately must, they burn far more intensely and destructively. Some are calling this the new normal.

They need to tell us what they will do to halt the destruction we are now witnessing. It was therefore only once land plants evolved from million years ago onwards that wildfires started occurring.

It has caused mass

It has caused mass extinctions, and it has propelled the spread of flowering plants. In Europe, nuclear reactors have had to be shut down because the river water used to cool them is too hot.

Throughout, the book is illustrated with photos and graphs. Dozens of planned outdoor events, including marathons, have been cancelled because of the health risk. Yet despite the moon being a veritable hell, life may already be there.

And those politicians who oppose plans to reduce emissions such as a carbon tax need to be held to account. The North Shore mountains are barely visible from many parts of the region. It could be worse for local dwellers. Some of the illustrations in the main body of the text are graphs that have been reproduced from papers and are fairly technical. As of Tuesday, there were nearly fires burning across the province, where a state of emergency has been declared.

In Europe nuclear reactors have