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The Nuremberg Trials is the most visible example of denazification during this period since it involved the highest Nazi party members though thousands were tried at a local level by the Allies. The Marshall Plan was to apply to all the areas of Europe that had been ravaged by war regardless of whether the recipient had been an Ally or member of the Axis.

Crowson ends by suggesting that electoral success will compel the Conservative leadership to take a more pragmatic and positive view on participation in Europe once again p. Neutrality has its benefits but for those countries who were at the vanguard of military action the situation was far worse.

Thatcher was closely allied with U. Western zones were placed under American and Western European control, while the eastern zones came under the control of the Soviet Union.

The Marshall Plan was toThe Nuremberg Trials

The ferocity and destruction of these wars has led to a concerted effort by European leaders to secure a lasting peace in Europe. This volume brings together the leading academics in the field to explore this question. As has been seen, Crowson argues that the wider Conservative Party was not necessarily as hostile towards Europe as the leadership seems to have believed, at least until the s.

This division of Germany also mirrored the presence of Allied troops in the now liberated countries of Europe. De Gaulle refused to take power unless the government would allow for a stronger Presidential position.