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These numbers help to determine general dating break probabilities for both machine-made and mouth-blown bottles. Unfortunately, the use of the one and two digit date codes was inconsistently used by different plants and mold makers so this is not a certain rule for dating. The cork finish versus screw-thread finish can be helpful in dating machine-made bottles but only allows for a moderately accurate dating break which to a large degree is bottle type specific.

The image to the right is a close-up of a small, medium green, machine-made ink bottle. Yes, it would have had a paper label on the side. Occasionally there could be a glassmaker mark along the heel that is very faint. Thank you for your time and any info you can give me. Symbol Only Makers Markings.

Your site has been an amazing tool to help me determine age of these beauties. Kelly, offshore I should also note that my forgetfulness is showing! Mexican Glass Makers Markings. My problem is the makers mark on the bottom. The mold number is occasionally seen embossed backwards.

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This list primarily includes marks that represent the actual glass company that made the container. These more modern screw cap bottles can be easily identified by their threaded necks as contrasted with the smooth finish, cork-style necks of the earlier Clorox bottles. Usually embossed on the base, marks may also appear on the lower heel area on certain types of bottles, especially sodas. Perhaps someone from Australia who collects these types of bottles might have more background information for us. Please see my page on Artificially purpled glass here.

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This inscription is only seen on Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Hi Eileen, You have found an antique glass battery jar. Does anyone know if this is a mistake, or if it is fairly common. From all accounts, they used that trademark on tableware including shot glasses, tumblers, etc.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could put our link on your site. This requirement was intended to discourage the re-use of bottles by bootleggers and moonshiners, interracial dating funny though the biggest discouragement to that illicit activity was that liquor was now legally available. See the machine-made section of the Bottle Bases page for more information on these scars. Many bottles carry only a number or numbers on the base. There is also no neck ring mold seam immediately below the finish like found on most Owens machine produced bottles and on a majority of all machine-made bottles.

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Decolorizing is in essence neutralizing the effects of the iron and carbonaceous impurities in the glass mix in order to obtain as colorless of glass as possible. It was dug up in va beach va. Introduction of gallon size with finger ring handle. If you wish, you can email me a photo of the bottle to my email address, which is listed on the lower right hand corner of any page on this site. Many identical shapes persisted through time and others were brought back for nostalgia and made common again.

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  1. This completes the portion of the key that deals with machine-made bottles and is the end of the key for diagnostic bottle dating.
  2. Turn-mold bottle body showing faint concentric rings.
  3. Various stippling patterns were also added to bottle bases for largely esthetic reasons, such as the green soda bottle base to the left.
  4. When did embossing the bottle bottoms first become common, approximately?
  5. Its in the shape of a soda bottle.
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Very few narrow neck bottles made on the Owens machines will pre-date that time also. However, it is a different shape than the one you are referencing! The image to the left is a close-up of the shoulder, neck and finish of a small Sheaffers ink bottle click to enlarge for more detail. Link is in list of articles, situated along right-hand side of any page on this site.

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The Clorox Company sets no value on these bottles, nor does it wish to purchase old bleach bottles. Any idea what year this may be from? It still had the cork in the bottle. They typically appear in shades of purple or dark odd ambers.

Entries on some of the more commonly encountered brand and company names for instance, Bromo-Seltzer seen embossed on bottles are also included, as I frequently get questions about them. Other types of base perimeter stippling resembles small crescents - - which is very common on modern beer bottles. Stippling is shown on both the bottle bases in the images and was typically produced by hand punching the base plate of the bottle mold. These bottles are discussed in more detail in the ink bottle section of the Household Bottles non-food related typology page. All the characters on the base are faint.

Published works generally cover either a particular city, region, or category of bottles. Thank you in advance for anything you know. Is it marked with the Indianapolis city name? Other diagnostic tools must be used to date these items.

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Between and about the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Other information on this website usually must be reviewed to fine tune the information about a specific bottle. For more information click colorless glass to go to that section of the Bottle Colors page. They are noted on the other website pages which expand on the information summarized in the key.

  • Two of the most common odd Clorox bottles are the half-pint bottle and the quart bottle.
  • As above, click on the image to view a larger and much more readable version with the various features pointed out.
  • Film clip of an early Owens Automatic Bottle Machine in operation.

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Some of the larger glass manufacturers made Coke bottles and other soda bottles such as Pepsi, etc for hundreds of different cities around the United States. Group of Bixby shoe dressing bottles. This is an extreme example of the number of bubbles to be found in a bottle.

My problem is should I agree with the pat. Also included are a few marks, dating sites for emblems and logos seen on other types of glassware including tableware and industrial glass items such as railroad lantern lenses. The circle is incised or sharply indented into the surface of the glass and can be distinctly felt by running ones fingernail over the mark. These bottles will not have the side mold seam proceeding from the upper finish side over and onto the rim itself.

Thank you for your timely response! This will be noted where known. If so, how many and what size and shape? Warning Do not estimate a bottle's age by its shape.

Click here to go to the main Glass Bottle Marks page. From this point a user must consult other pages for additional information on a given bottle. The author has also seen Star Bitters labels on Wait's bottles as well as both labels on the immensely period popular Hostetter's Stomach Bitters bottles!

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