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Makosi really needs

When the wire was touched or cut, an alarm was activated to alert nearby guards. He was extremely scared and hid away from humans. Flynn is a gorgeous, big boy and was also found as a stray and never claimed. People have family on both sides.

The top-heavy tower was unstable and vulnerable to collapsing. We also feel she would benefit from obedience or puppy training classes to channel some of the energy. This poor boy has gone through enough and is now in a safe place that understands his limitations. Infrastructure and businesses along the border benefited from substantial state investment. She needs confidence she currently melts into a big puddle, desperate for attention and needs to learn how to play and run.

We fetched Emma and her sister Megan when their owner had to move. Makosi really needs a home that can show him what it means to be a Border Collie.

Phoebe is is quite a busy girl but also loves a good cuddle. She is not hyper-energetic and could just lie by your feet the whole day long.

It took all his will-power to not come and lick me during the photo session. Access to the outer strip was very tightly controlled, to ensure that the guards themselves would not be tempted to escape. Zoe really needs a home that can show her what it means to be a Border Collie.

We fetched Emma and her