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When the neutrons, or neutral particles, of the atom's nucleus split, some hit the nuclei of nearby atoms, splitting them, too. The wrestler then falls forward, standing or into a sitout position while flipping the opponent forward, driving the opponent horizontally belly-down into the ground.

Apollo Crews uses a toss variation of the move. Eighty radionuclide monitoring stations around the globe measure atmospheric fallout, which can prove that an explosion detected by other monitoring systems was, in fact, nuclear. Ron Simmons made the standing variation famous, calling it the Dominator. The Constitutional arrangement is far from perfect.

The wrestler lifts the opponent up onto his shoulders and spins around several rotations before sitting down and slamming the opponent down to the mat, as in a sitout powerbomb. But at least if its provisions are obeyed, there is a barrier imposed on arbitrary and secret rule by one person. However, the wrestler moves forward slightly so the opponent's midsection is between the wrestler's thighs instead of their head. Seth Rollins was injured while attempting to perform a sunset flip powerbomb by applying too much downward force on his leg, thus injuring it.

This would see the opponent land in a position where their legs are wrapped around the wrestler with their back and shoulders on the mat. It is also known as an over-the-shoulder powerbomb. The move was invented by Kenta Kobashi who called it Orange Crush. The move is considered one of the most dangerous moves in professional wrestling as the person taking the move is in freefall, dropped onto their own head or neck without protection. This move sees the wrestler bend over and place their opponent in a standing head scissors.

The wrestler then either sits down or stays standing. At this point the opponent releases their grip on the rope and is brought down to the mat. First, an igniting explosion compresses a sphere of plutonium, the material that will then undergo fission. He may also wrap his hands around the opponent's upper legs.

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Ahmed Johnson used the sitout version as well, calling his the Pearl River Plunge. John Cena uses a kneeling variation of the move. Both aircraft were painted with a special reflective white paint to minimize heat damage.

And the American State must not be hobbled by antiquated notions of federalism. The difference compared to a regular powerbomb is that the opponent's head does not go between the wrestler's thighs, instead they remain slightly in front or to the side of the wrestler.