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Blue Bottle Mystery - The Graphic Novel by Kathy Hoopmann download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Would be interested to see how families and individuals in this situation respond to the book. The magical elemen Tells the story of a few days in the life of an initially undiagnosed aspergers student, his teacher and family. Eventually, however, he is diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome and his family and friends begin to understand his behaviour. This book looks at family dynamics, friendship, bullying and obviously Aspergers Syndrome. Not only does it educate about the effects of Asperger Syndrome, it tells a sweet tale to boot.

The magical elemen Tells the storyWould be interested to see

On the other hand some things are sensitively dealt with - for example use of slow exposure to new experience and the employment of strategies subsequent to diagnosis. Fun to read and exciting until you finish it.

Grandma is around to look after Ben when his father is working, she is very supportive and understanding and is a go between Ben and his father. We shall have to buy another copy because both my brother and I love it too much to let the other have a read. Congratulations on a truly wonderful book. Ben and Andy both struggle with their conditions at the beginning of the book. But they also learn something along the way.

With the help of the blue bottle, they are able to overcome their problems. The aim of this book was to give good advice and support as well as a complete explanation on what Autism and Asperger Syndrome entail.