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Maate Matang Jare Jar Sang. Madho Kaisee Banay Tum Sange. Inspite of such tall claims made by the ruling community. Travellers kept paying road tax to the two Sikhs, without any questions. They travelled by night and kept themselves hidden in bushes during the day.

Guru Ramdass Rakhoh Sarnai. But one of the party said that he was not a Sikh, for had he been one he would not conceal himself thus.

War War Jayee Lakh Wariya. Thus there was no place or person to whom they could turn for seeking justice. This Asa Di Var reciording is the first of a large collection that was graciously provided to me by S. Introduction to Gurmat Sangeet. To schedule Kirtan Seva or lessons, please comtact us at sevadars gurmatsangeetproject.

Rogee Kaa Prabh Khandah Rog. Eiha Khaat Chalho Har Laha. Jap Jeevaan Prabh Charan Tumhare.

This letter is written by Bhai Bota Singh. While the band of two hundred soldiers under the command of Jalaluddin were preparing to encircle Sarai Nuruddin, Bhai Bota Singh Shouted loudly on soldiers. If anyone has a photograph of Bhai Didar Singh Ji, please send it to sevadars gurmatsangeetproject. Occasionally he would come to Amritsar by night to have a dip in the holy tank, hd format converter spending the day in the wilderness around Tarn Taran. One day he was noticed by some people who thought he was a Sikh.

Tumree Kirpa Meh Sookh Ghanere. Charnah Gobind Marg Sohava. Planning the Gurmat Sangeet Darbar.

Newer Post Older Post Home. We have a huge backlog of Gurmat Sangeet Recordings that need to be processed before they can be made available on the site. Satguru Mera Sarvprit Paaley.

The soldiers moved swiftly forward and managed to encircle the two Sikhs. Khalsa Mero Roop Hai Khaas. Jaagat Jot Japei Nis Baasar.

At nightfall, he would come out of his hiding place and visit some human habitations in search of food. If you wish to upload recordings to be hosted on the Gurmat Sangeet Project website, please send email to sevadars gurmatsangeetproject.

Har Ju Harmander Aavehgeon. Internships at The Gurmat Sangeet Project.

Tu Mero Pyaro

Gobind Gobind Gobind Myee. Chim Chim Varse Amrit Dhara.

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Aakha Jeeva Visrei Mar Jaau. Aapne Sevak Ki Aape Raakhai. Har Dharoh Kirpa Vichar Sahit. Hum Bheekat Bhikhari Tere. Getting no response from the government of their revolting act, the two Sikhs decided to hasten the pace of events to prompt reaction from the government.

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Haun Dekha Darsan Tera Ram. Mohe Pardesan Door Te Aiee. One time Seva for Harmoniums. Aaisee Preet Karo Mann Mere. Seeing bodies of twenty of his dead soldiers scattered on ground before him, Jalaluddin lost patience and ordered his remaining soldiers to mount a lightening attack to over-power the two Sikhs.

Jap Man Satnam Sada Satnam. Gur Arjan Vitthon Qurbani. Baabul Meraa Vad Samrathaa.