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It is traditional for use in Scandinavian pea soup and in French Canadian pea soup, but for authentic French Canadian soup you must use whole yellow peas, not split. Red Lentils may be larger and cook a touch longer. It has been very important to the Seri people of northwestern Mexico who use the beans at various stages of ripening and the wood for cooking them. Despite bitter, toxic alkaloids in the seed coat, some species have been used for human food for thousands of years.

They're categorized generally in four groups - crowder, cream, black-eyed and field peas, and there are many varieties to be found in each of those categories. Southern Field Peas and Snaps - Field peas cooked with green beans and served here with grilled smoked andouille sausage and cornbread. You can still buy peas in their pods, of course, and shell them yourself, though you'll generally have to get those at a pick your own farm. You can find them dried, or in jars prepared with salt and citric acid, in markets serving Southern European communities. Southwest and the Andes mountain regions of South America.

Red Lentils may beIt is traditional for use

They are also eaten as a snack, in which they are fried, salted, and dried. They have become popular not only for their good taste, raw or lightly cooked but with gardeners because edible yield is so much greater than English peas.

Even in Lancashire they are of uneven availability, mostly in October and November, but are also grown in Canada as a minor crop. Try to include a lot of colors on your plate. Henderson derivatives Thorogreen and Thaxter predominate along with some dwarf Fordhooks. The photo shows Kodava Val sprouted left and dried before sprouting right.