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The long square between Pluto and Uranus forms the core of the Cross that coalesced this summer. The oil rig holocaust gave the collective mind a definitive image with which to illustrate the Cardinal Cross period. But in practice we act as if our contribution as citizens consisted of nothing more than rooting for one guy while condemning his rival.

This is the message of the Saturn corner of the Cross. And only a consensually agreed-upon team. The collateral damage to flora, fauna and whole ecosystems caused by offshore drilling, strip mining and other industrial abominations are not aberrations. For there to be a shift to new beliefs there must be a shift in collective thinking about what it means to hold beliefs in the first place. Personally and globally, late July and early August should raise urgent questions in every one of us.

It is an approach to collective life that is insufficient to the point of fatal. As for international matters, they get labeled in terms of whether the country in question is an ally or foe of Washington. It is stunning how reductive the public conversation has become. The years between now and are intense enough to bury it. Those of us who were born into these years were meant to use the creative minds and the wise hearts Nature gave us.

It is anAs for international matters they get

It is disingenuous of us to act all incredulous when we hear of an accident at a nuclear facility like Chernobyl or at an offshore oil rig. You put something out, you get something back. This is what karma is all about.