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We have been so conditioned to perceive paint as a medium to achieve a final product that we forgot to see it for what it really is. One is an emotional piece and the other is a release piece, which come hand in hand. This exhibition showcases my work of the past two years. Both architecture and art are linked, identities are blurred but also merged. Paint is paint, a material, colored matter, just a paste, no longer a medium of abstract or figural representation.

The Gemini Series is not intended to represent anything other than itself. The folded canvas freed from its frame can now take on a multitude of new forms and materiality.

Some have left it blank, others painted in white or in various colors, some burned it, some stabbed it, and others tore it. In the end, it is an object in space, with a certain materiality, and a dynamic reactivity to light, intended to only be appreciated for what it is, as opposed to what it is not. The subsequent sister piece carries the residual scars and traced of the initial outburst. So many artists over time have manipulated the canvas in different ways.

The Gemini Series is

Just like a Rorschach test, the dual piece replicates itself in complementary but non-identical way, the end of one marking the beginning of the other. Even though one is a negative and a positive, neither one is identical. One is a continuation of the other. My work is all about an internal process that involves the canvas, the body and my emotions.

On the other hand, the diptychs address the dual nature of man. The dual conflicting nature of this process is at the essence of my art. For me, art is as process-based as my architecture but it does not make it any less of an emotional endeavor.

The folded canvas freed