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Art Therapy with Older Adults by Rebecca C. Perry Magniant download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The demands of modern life often do not include older adults in the fabric of everyday living. One often has difficulty looking beyond the individual when problems surface. That particular art class provided a breakthrough for John. In addition, he said artistic pursuits provided a good reason to get up each morning. The paintings now serve as a cherished legacy for her daughter.

Expressive art activities promote

Expressive art activities promote active engagement in life. This method primarily emphasizes the value of the creative process itself. Making art or even viewing art causes the brain to continue to reshape, adapt, and restructure, thus expanding the potential to increase brain reserve capacity. These three examples are indicative of some of the ways that art can be implemented in working with older adults. During the sixth session, he drew the entire simple composition on the paper, choosing and mixing his colors, and painted the picture by himself.

He was painting and once again experiencing pleasure in the creative process. At first, John was reluctant to respond to the therapist. But his experience changed, and he recognized that it had. Finding meaning and purpose is important at any age but even more so as we become older. When the resulting treatment is focused exclusively on the individual apart from their surroundings, for the older adult who is recovering from addition this is a clear pathway to relapse.

Both art as therapy and art in therapy offer outlets for expression. Therapy is the process of challenging how things are done.

In Successful Aging, John W. Later, he admitted that he had tolerated the classes because his wife thought they helped. During that session, the art therapist noticed that he was holding his brush differently and making a variety of brush strokes on the paper to create texture and depth. Additionally, expressive art exercises constitute innovative interventions to promote self-expression and improve communication with others. His wife contacted an art therapist who came to their home to assist him with painting again.

This method primarily emphasizes the

Older Adults then become even more isolated as family members tend to avoid depressed addicted seniors. Painting and modeling can help them come to terms with problems assoicated with aging and loss. Prior to that session, John had been enduring the sessions for his wife but not really for himself.

As families develop often older adults find themselves on the outside looking into the family system. And then when this program started it occupied his time and his mind. Rather than his wife inquiring when the art therapist could return, as she always did at the end of each session, John asked the question himself. The result can be either despair or wisdom.