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This trope applies most to Pierre and Natasha, as that one's foreshadowed relatively early in the book, and Nikolai and Marya. Knuckles and Julie-Su had hints of this in the early stages of their relationship, and Shadow and Rouge had this at points as well.

This gave Sonic and Sally a more positive and progressive piece of character growth regardless of its canonicity. Which would have had more impact if everyone else hadn't easily figured that out several scenes earlier.

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Iceman and Kitty is hinted at, especially during the ice skating scene. Later on, however, she learns from Miss Cheerilee that everyone knew about it when it happened, but nobody spoke of it out of pity. Jonathan makes a speech admitting that everyone knows that Buffy had been acting as their protector.

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And it turns out that not only were the only ones fooled Chloe herself and maybe Sabrina, but Alix was genuinely surprised that it was supposed to be a secret. She's offended that they didn't think she was a good enough detective to realize what was going on. Everyone in the station with a sensitive enough nose already knew about them.

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In the Miraculous Ladybug fanfic Perception Adrien and Marinette eventually start dating, and, fearing Chloe's reaction, wisely decide to keep it secret. Castle, Beckett and Esposito are torn up about telling Ryan that his fiancee slept with a pick up artist a month after they started dating. What are you talking about? That's right, thanga magan showtime in bangalore dating it was dragged out over literally the entire series.

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According to this, you're already dead! Twenty Five Years Later storyline as a back-up strip just to keep anyone from ditching the lead title as it went to hell creatively.

While the tension is obvious in the movie adaptations, Stand Alone Complex takes it even father. Subverted in The Second Try due to time-travel craziness. They finally become a couple after defeating the Mad Bomber and consummate the relationship in the last chapter. Horatio Hornblower suffers from horrible seasickness every time he puts out to sea, something which he is mocked for earlier in his career.

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Dick Grayson with Barbara and Kori. Ghost in the Shell features this to a painful extent. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown.

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The only people who don't know that nightclub owner Johnny Kelly is really mob boss Johnny Dangerously are his mother and baby brother. In the premiere, Gwen is cleverly she thinks infiltrating the Hub as a pizza delivery person, only to have the group unable to keep up the charade that she's fooling them and break out laughing.

His parents tell him that they've known all along, they didn't want to interfere at all, and that they're proud of him Mrs. When she finally gave in and kissed him in public, the response from her co-workers who saw it was amusement that she was finally admitting it.

Ambassador Varg is a Wolf Man who could tell this by smell as soon as he met him. Monet has had moments of ogling Creed, and he tends to be very protective of her.

Torchwood as an organization theoretically a secret. Not just Elizabeth and Darcy but Jane and Bingley. Anyone with a brain knows or suspects you're Avernite spies immediately, due to your pale skin and conspicuous behavior. Even though it's played up as Who's Your Daddy?

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Because I explained it to you. Subverted with Shinji and Asuka. Then they started an official relationship, but had a fight, and broke up. The Police Department's embarrassment from having to admit that they're some of the few people who don't know this is part of what spurs the criminal investigation in the first season. Wiggin revealed to Bean earlier that she's known all along, so this isn't a shock to the audience by that point.

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Even the voice actors have been known to make jokes regarding the tension between them. Nothing much ever seems to happen until they figure out they aren't related. Cyborg and Sara Simms were originally intended to be a couple, but Marv Wolfman changed his mind. Dear God, Barbara and Kori.

As ever I continue to work hard on this story, occasionally flipping a three-sided coin on which pairings to end with. Ultimately she chooses to be with Peeta but doesn't start a family with him until fifteen years after the end of the war. It seems she was not created with the capability.

Lanie and Esposito are trying to keep their relationship a secret from their co-workers, and several times just barely manage to cover up verbal slips or dodge questions about their weekend plans. They're a goose and a panda, respectively. Boldened by their new teacher's advice -and a bottle of sake- they finally opened up to each other. Ramona spends several chapters agonizing over her secret before she can no longer bear it and tells Georgie anyway.

At the beginning of the story, Shinji and Asuka are so emotionally burnt-out that they believe they can't possibly have a relationship. And yet, no real resolution is ever reached, aside from a very faint Maybe Ever After in the end of Solid State Society. So a relationship could be a problem. But they haven't gotten together yet, and it's unknown if they will.

Seen it, pinched it, spent it. It's just one of those things that everybody knows but nobody talks about. Ask about Torchwood, and most people point towards the bay. When Castle saves Beckett from a bomb, Gates tells her that this would be a good time for Beckett to kiss him as a thank you. Notable that they have this after already being in a relationship together.

It's all true about Renly. They're both on the crew of a spaceship that's about to crash-land, and Kate throws her engagement ring to the floor and announces that she loves Matt. Steven invites Hermione to the Yule Ball were they accidentally fuse. Maya had a raging crush on Ritsuko that the older woman spent months trying to ignore. But instead of being shocked as Ramona expected, Georgie tells Ramona only that she knows, and has since she was a toddler.

Keddrington's daughter from a previous marriage and the half-sister of narrator Ramona Louise and her baby sister. The saga ends with Serena finally kissing Ash before parting. In White Sheep Blake eventually reveals to her team Yang, Ren, and Nora that she's a faunus by taking off her bow, only for them to wait for her to reveal whatever secret she mentioned. The Love Triangles don't really help in sorting it out.

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