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Applied Speech and Audio Processing by Ian McLoughlin download in iPad, ePub, pdf

These include timedomain attributes of duration

Witten Academic Press, This book provides a gentle and readable introduction to speech on computer, written in an accessible and engaging style. Generally, the audio processing specialist is fortunate enough to be able to work with digital audio without being too concerned with how it was captured, or how it will be replayed.

Any operation that Matlab can perform on a vector can, in theory, be performed on stored audio. It could be said that human speech is optimised toward the frequency ranges that we hear best, or perhaps our hearing is optimised around the frequencies used for speaking. Music and sound effects are even becoming more prominent within computer games. Kryter are also excellent references, mainly related to hearing, although Zwicker does foray occasionally into the world of speech.

As mentioned previously

As mentioned previously, the ear is often the best discriminator of sound problems. These include time-domain attributes of duration, rhythm, attack and decay, but also frequency domain attributes of tone and pitch.

Sampling characteristics of common applications. He also cycles to work every day on his Brompton bicycle.