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He gets the idea to do so after first failing to convince Nasser, who was still alive at the time, not to go to war with Israel. In that telling, Israeli officials would have been better off trusting Marwan more. By the time the attack came on the afternoon of Yom Kippur, the Israelis were mobilizing, but they were too late to prevent Arab advances.

Marwan faked an affair with a

Angel Time is an exceptional novel dealing in the story of an assassin who is contacted by an angel and walked back through time through the err of his ways and how it was he became an assassin. They were in the phone book. However, when we arrive back in reality and the character asks for forgiveness from his wrongs, I felt cheated as his requests for forgiveness seemed a bit cheesy and insincere.

The procedures were clear. So, all in all, I enjoyed the book and really liked her discussion of how God, Heaven and the Angels exist out of time and how she used that to tell this story. But she did know the protocol. But the way the film depicts him doing so departs from reality. Once the character is introduced into the past, again, Anne Rice delves directly into her amazing storytelling abilities and we're off to the races until the very end.

Though most of Israel was caught off guard by the attack, its intelligence agency, Mossad, had in fact received a tip about what was to come. Unable to tell her the truth, Marwan accepts that they will lead separate lives while remaining married. The five Black September group members were arrested and their missiles confiscated before anything happened, Bar-Joseph writes.

It was only ten hours before the assault began that Israel finally concluded that the Arabs meant business. The phone call scene in the film plays out pretty much the way Bar-Joseph details in his book. Then, through Anne Rice's skilled writing, she takes the reader ba Being a long time Anne Rice Fan, I had looked forward to reading this book. But others back up the theory that Marwan actually was working for Egypt the whole time. In the film, Marwan sends his family off to Geneva to keep them safe before transporting weapons to the Palestinians.

That Marwan stopped the plot and prevented the deaths of hundreds of people aboard the plane is true. Marwan faked an affair with a British socialite to thwart attention In The Angel, Marwan befriends a woman named Diana, who assists him on a few of his missions for Israel. Marwan ridiculed the Mossad for years. However, all in all, I enjoyed the book and believe others will as well, Anne Rice fans and those that haven't enjoyed her reading alike.

While the movie shows him flying internationally with the weapons in his luggage, it was actually his wife Mona who carried them. Her religious journey, like mine, had been bumpy at best.

That Marwan stopped the plot