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Andreo's Race by Pam Withers download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Upon arriving things start going amazingly

He was adopted from Bolivia right before his mom found out she was pregnant. The adoptive parents need some serious therapy. Surely, they had to have some suspicions. Quick paced and entertaining especially if you're into cross country cycling or off road bike racing. They never talk about adoption and hide all the details from their son, though he's obviously adopted.

The adventure parts are engaging and clearly the author's specialty, but the adoption parts are atrocious. The story is predictable and painful, especially major adoption issues are glossed over or treated like minor concerns. Once they arrive in Bolivia, they are aided by a detective, but as it turns out, Andreo's mother is not what he expects.

In this book Andreo has

Andreo and his friend Raul were both adopted from Bolivia, but neither knows much about the circumstances surrounding their adoption. It's good to see more stories addressing international adoption and even being willing to tackle the dark side of it.

In this book Andreo has always felt a bit of an odd man out. Upon arriving things start going amazingly well and they receive help from a detective. But this book doesn't do it justice. He has also always wondered about his birth family but the topic has been taboo at home. There are great descriptions of the race and the family dynamics and the way both boys felt as though they didn't fit until they returned to Bolivia, and yet, they clearly didn't fit there either.