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Anatomy and Human Movement by Nigel Palastanga download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The book has progressed a

We hope that this sixth edition will provide the reader with stimulation that will aid their understanding and learning of anatomy and their ability to apply this knowledge to human movement. In addition to this, the authors have helped create a separate five-hour modular e-learning course in functional human anatomy. Changes to the way education is managed and delivered require students and educators to be flexible in their learning. Learning is delivered via outcome measures, animation, video, quizzes, activity analyses and exams.

The book has progressed a long way since the first edition in when only black and white was used throughout the text. As a result of this very positive feedback, there has been some minor reordering within the text and expansion of some sections, namely those on joint replacement.

As a result of this very

Where possible, structures such as ligaments or cartilage have been coloured the same throughout the book, in an attempt to further enhance the clarity of illustrations. Anatomy and Human Movement has been written by authors experienced in teaching living anatomy and human movement. At present, this is only available for purchase by universities and other institutions.