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This criticism of the couple led them to flee to Verona for a short spell, much to the annoyance of her father-in-law. She called her French confessor, Colibeaux, to her bedside, and, handing him a casket, directed him to secretly burn all the papers which it contained.

The marriage proved very unhappy, to the point where the groom did not want to live any longer with his wife. It was always maintained that such a public event would cause too much damage by exposing her incognito status. In an attempt to make the place fashionable, she promoted the arts.

Despite this, she did manage to secure a French marriage for her fourth daughter, Princess Maria Fortunata. She decided to leave the old couple to their own devices and began travelling extensively around Europe. Mademoiselle de Valois is not, in my opinion, pretty, and yet occasionally she does not look ugly.

He was theThis enmity continued long after each

As a pre-condition to the liberation of Richelieu, her lover, it was decided that she would marry the heir of Modena. Eventually, Marguerite was forced to return to France in disgrace. Her arrival at the Palais-Royal was a cold one.

When she arrived in Paris, she was greeted with all of the honours owed her due to her rank. When this was exposed, her husband allowed her to return to France in temporary disgrace. Despite her father-in-law declaring himself neutral, the ducal family still found their home being occupied by foreign armies.

Probably among these papers were the love-letters which she had received from the Duke of Richelieu. The cardinal also convinced her family into accepting her continued presence in France. It was at this time that Charlotte first asked her father to let her return to France and live at Versailles with her family. At that time, her marriage became the preoccupation of her family.

Maria Teresa had become the Duchess of Massa and Cararra in her own right in upon the death of her father. The cousins, who had never been very close, became bitter enemies due to their simultaneous romantic involvement with the womanising duke. The next year, after much correspondence on her husband's part with the French court, the two were allowed to go to Paris incognito. In short, he tried to annoy her as much as possible. The Duchess of Villars was there to represent the French king.

He was the last prince de Conti. This enmity continued long after each amorous affair had ended.