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Elements constantly interact in complex ways. Finally, changes from one type of system to another may require extensive changes in personnel because people feel more comfortable with one kind of system than another. On the one hand, organizational structure and culture constrain, motivate, and direct individual behavior.

In a series of recent cases, the Delaware courts have struggled with the fiduciary propriety of these precommitments and have reached ambiguous and sometimes contradictory decisions. The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project provided an example of a combination of two political systems. Groundfish management in the Gulf of Maine can best be described as utopian. Thus, modern auction theory finds itself at odds with Delaware takeover jurisprudence. Many organizations mimic political systems in society at large.

Conflicts and contradictions among these missions

In the landmark case Revlon, Inc. Monarchical systems are characterized by centralized power that is delegated only under tight control. The National Academies Press.

Improving Stewardship of

They were able to do so because of their personal credibility and their networks of personal relationships. New modes of governance have produced a plethora of instruments and actors at various levels that present a challenge to more traditional forms of command-and-control regulation. Hierarchies are not rigidly defined and can change. Organizational changes must therefore be made in light of the relationships among the individuals who play key roles.

Improving Stewardship of Marine Areas. Conflicts and contradictions among these missions is often a major source of organizational dysfunction and poor performance. The type of political system is also closely related to reward systems, especially attitudes toward innovation and risk. Federal systems allocate both centralized and distributed power in clearly defined ways, with the center coordinating rather than controlling power.

In the San Francisco Bay Demonstration Project, a redefinition of the goals provided the justification for rewarding different behavior that helped accomplish the new mission. The relationship between behavior at the organizational and individual levels is necessarily close.