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But it was the past

But it was the past that held the clue. So instead, Olsen takes us on a long, wandering journey through Stutzman's travels and sexual escapades. Yes, some of it speaks to Stutzman's character, or to his tendency to lie, but this is established so many times that much of it is completely unnecessary.

So instead Olsen takes us on

Morgan's Texas-born mother Tanya, a nurse and devoted wife, pulled up stakes with her grieving husband Jim, and moved on. On the surface, this should have been an interesting book-formerly Amish guy turns out to be murdering psychopath. Her husband Arthur never gave up hope that the future would bring enough evidence to close the case. But some of it feels like Olsen is attempting to frame Stutzman's homosexuality as proof that he is a sociopathic murderer. It was infuriating, a waste of time, and deeply unsatisfying.

It was the best way to put the past behind them. There is plenty of proof that Stutzman was a horrible person, but kissing other men isn't one of them. Most of the book seems to be based on hearsay from various people and I never got the feeling that this author really got to the root of the story.

Gregg Olsen is definitely not in her league. It appears we don't actually know any of the motivations, or even the basic chain of events, that actually occurred related to the deaths attributed to Stutzman. Some of the things that he describes as shocking behavior are only done so because it's with another man. If you really want a great true crime book, I definitely recommend Ann Rule, who does actually research her books and present a complete story. The case went cold - until six years later when the victim's son Mark came upon the story of Nancy Ludwig's slaying.